Beauty Returns Nominated for the BC Stellar Award

While I haven’t been officially notified, a fellow writer friend Jo-Ellen Bogart emailed me that my novel Beauty Returns had been nominated for this teen choice award. The email came

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late on Tuesday night when we had stayed up to watch Obama speak after he won the election.

What a delightful surprise! I love the voting awards because so many more kids read the book as a result. I can only hope I make it out to BC to visit some of readers there.

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I meant to do my work today

There’s nothing nicer that a sunny fall day at Bronte Creek with Mortie and Will–two best friends since they were little. Wait a minute they’re still little.

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You have to wonder what they’re so intent on, right? They’re both staring at the bunny who oddly enough will not come to them despite their whimpers and desperate clawing. The ducks, the playground, the best leash free park in the world–Bronte Creek is my favourite place to skip work for.

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Packaging Your Imagination

It’s always a pleasure meeting other authors or author illustrators and for CANSCAIP’s Packaging Your Imagination, I usually do some hospitality driving and dining out to make our presenters’ time in Toronto and area just a little easier.

‘Course with the pink cast, things were more tricky. I had to enlist family to retrieve authors from the airport.  Here’s a photo of Marie Louise Gay talking to Burlington kids at Central Library.  It was delightful to hear her talk about her books, drawing and writing, in French.
On the actual conference date, I brought my camera but with one hand, I just can’t handle, lottery tickets, money and photos too.  Plus I confess, even with image stabilizer the authors are faster than my shutter.  
People who came to the sessions seemed to enjoy themselves and buy lots of books, so sore arm and shoulder aside everything went well.

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