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Cast Off

This is an x-ray of my well healed wrist. The technician took a buzz saw to my cast and off it came. It was scary and I felt an uncomfortable warmth when the blade neared the swollen part of my wrist. Afterwards I could wash my whole hand and arm. The fingers looked white, the tanned skin of my wrist and arm flaked off like on a glazed donut. That wrist still looks plump and feels very odd. I can’t hold a coffee cup even empty in my left hand. Actually, the doctor observed me holding my book in it and was impressed. But I did go swimming and soaking in the hot tub as therapy.

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Winter Wonderland

If you don’t have to shovel, snow is great. Way better than grey wet days. Here’s Mortie

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enjoying a frolic. Then I noticed he was lifting and limping on his hind paws. Zeller’s had a sale on doggie boots but instead I found this parka. Nothing says winter dog fashion better…don’t you think.

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