Sean Cassidy visits Bruce T Lyndley

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Snakes and lizards Ontario Science Centre

Today we were excited to attend the press sneak preview of the Snakes and Lizards exhibit at the Ontario Centre.  It was baby Jadzia’s first visit and she liked the Sparks section especially the baby portion with the blocks.

The we went to Budha Dog for Today’s Parent Toronto.  We love hot dogs and this was a sufficiently different kind of place, very eco and local produce.  Our conscience was fine eating 10 of the suckers.  Afterwards we had Polish pastries and William totally got into his cupcake.

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Mustang Mortie

When we first got Mortie, he hated car rides.  He got over his fear to some extent on our road trip to New Brunswick.  This year he’s really enjoying the breeze through his fur in the Mustang with the top down.

Ride Mortie, Ride.

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