Meeting a Famous Author

Working with 50 grade 7 students in the morning and 40 grade 8s in the afternoon proved no greater challenge than working with 30 kids at a time. Except when it came to one on one editing, that went out the computer screen since we had to divide the groups into two to type up their stories and poems.

Also my training as writer in electronic residence helped as I needed to read 90 stories in one night. Okay and my SRA training in grade 4 (speed reading for content but the initials stand for Scientific Research Associates).
In my last Artist in Education Stint, one of the teachers suggested I include more physical movement in the workshops so that’s my new challenge. Instead of passing around stories, the students now need to get up and shift seats. If I could get taller desks, they could walk on the spot while writing the way Art Slade and the other treadhead writers do.
The first challenge is always getting students to write on task when they’re in such a social atmosphere. Next time I must try playing classical music to blanket over ambient noise.
I miss the kids at St. Joseph School in Acton.

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