Touring Colombia

Touring Colombia

It’s amazing to look back on 2018, so many signings, library and school visits. The greatest privilege was to be able to visit with readers in Colombia for Norma Publishing, sponsored also by Canada Council Arts Abroad. Venganza Contra las Moscas was featured in the 20th anniversary essay writing contest and as a result, most grade seven students had read it.

Visiting a Bogota School for Venganza Contra las Moscas or Revenge on the Fly as it is known in Canada
I visited with at more than 16 schools as some classes traveled to a central location to meet me. The visits consisted of a talk with Powerpoint, translated by a teacher or student, a Q & A, autographing of books and photos and selfies. Unlike in Canada photos and hugs and even kisses are encouraged.

Always, whether in Canada or Colombia, it’s the one on one moments with readers that are so heartwarming.

Even if I have to sign a million books, I always take an extra moment to try and get a smile and a few words in with my readers.

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