Writing tip: Getting the Idea

This video is the first tip in a series of six aimed to help you feel confident in expressing yourself through words for Writing the Rollercoaster. We hope it shows you how to mine for the ideas you want to write about. It was designed with younger writers in mind but is true for any age.

Getting lost in your creative self is a wonderful experience. Writing the Roller Coaster is a project that aims to document life–especially feelings–during the pandemic. We’re not looking for William Shakespeare or Margaret Atwood. We want ordinary heroes, people who manage to get up in the morning and put one foot ahead of the other in uncertain times. Tell us why that’s difficult for you or how you leap out of bed with the excitement of the challenge.How are you forced to pivot? We’re hoping that writing about the science experiment we’re all part of will help keep our writers sane and perhaps even happy.

Watch for the next tip: Freefall writing with Lynda Simmons


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