What the Dog Knows–Diesel talks about the book

The real dog who inspired this story consented to star in this video about What the Dog Knows. Worf is now about 10 years old and very well behaved. He used to be that dog that wagged his tail and threw over glasses. He’s best friends with my way smaller dog Mortie. Together they used to raid the counters when the humans were out. Their favourite steal was a pound of butter. We imagine that they collaborated, Mortie climbing onto Worf’s back for the buttery heist. We’d find the wrappers lying around later. But It wasn’t only butter, nothing was really safe, a loaf of bread, a tupper ware full of cupcakes.

Their favourite thing to do together was to chase a stick into the water. They would swim, side by side, carrying the stick back, one end in each of their mouths.

Both of them are older now. You can see the grey on Worf’s muzzle. So when you read What the Dog Knows, imagine Worf without the grey as Diesel.


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