After being away a couple of weeks I knew I wanted to visit my mom who suffers from Alzheimer’s. I also was in charge of my six year old grandson Hunter so of course needed to combine the two. Then I added my puppy Mortie, bribing them all with a trip to the donut shop first. It was fun to watch Hunter agonize over his 12 choices especially when he had just one choice left–turned out to be another sprinkles donut.

We then visited my mom who was shouting at the people on the TV when we arrived. She said she liked them but they should put on a dress or pants. It was an AIDS/Africa special. Her talking level is only shouting now. She enjoyed selecting and eating her two donuts, one double chocolate and the other maple. Then we left for the splash pad at Lasalle Park. Nothing quite as fun as all those colourful showers and sprinkler systems. I waded through in my jeans trying to convince Hunter to try the ones I would have had I been wearing a swim suit.

Then I had to go home and face the end of my book Avalanche–also the end of the Wild Life Series. I feel I’m in the agaonizing position of the main character Zanna who needs to make a choice. Continue living with Dad in the beautiful Rockies where there seems to be nonstop lifethreatening disasters but where she’ll also be with her twin brother Martin and loyal wolf/dog Paris and boyfriend forever,

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Tyler. Or move to Paris, France with her Mom who shipped her away in the first place over an argument about tatoos and a boy.

It seems simple here on a blog. Zanna and I are crying through this segment, we thought her parents might be together forever. Really they were only getting along well because they knew their time together was limited.

And so I wrote four pages and still didn’t decide. Maybe tomorrow I can finally type The End.

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