Just before Halloween, Andrea Gordon of Burlington Public Library forwarded me a notice about this literary achievement award. With the recommendation letter of another writer Gisela Sherman, I dutifully submitted my CV and an excerpt from my favourite book so far, Last Chance for Paris.

I also forwarded the notice to my daughter and what fun, both of us became finalists along with a communications writer named Bobbi Smith.
It was time for Burlington to vote for their favourite.
I’m not sure if anyone read our excerpts or if we just
got all our friends to vote for us. Creative Burlington drew
1,500 votes which was amazing for a first year event.
A few weeks ago our artist statement was video taped and we got an “artsmatter” t shirt. The rest of you can buy one for $15 from creativeburlington.ca.
Last Thursday, I won the event. My camera chose not to work so you won’t see me grinning along side of our new mayor Rick Goldring. But here is the the plaque. Because there was a great silent auction full of theatre and dinner certificates, I pretty much spent my whole award.
No paying off my mortgage early, I’m afraid.
Still how nice to be so celebrated. Thanks to all for voting and for their congratulations.

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