By Sylvia McNicoll

Best Friends Through Eternity


“There are only a couple of heartbeats of time in which you get to decide to do things and then you can regret what you don’t do for an eternity.”

Paige feels annoyed with her best friend, Jasmine.  Why does she have to ditch her for a boy just like Paige’s bio parents did when she was born? They had an excuse, they needed a son to pass their land to, they couldn’t risk the fine for having more children. Jasmine, well, she claims Cameron’s her only hope for true love before her parents find her a suitable (east) Indian husband.

“Will you please, please, just cover for me with my parents, Paige.  You’re my best friend forever.”

Never mind, a short cut along a railroad should help Paige get home quicker in the snowstorm and avoid the Facebook enemies who intend on beating up her and Jasmine. Those girls don’t like Jasmine going out with Cameron either.

What Paige doesn’t expect is for a whole new world and reality to open up to her through those tracks, making her wish she’d stood up for Jasmine and hugged her adoptive mother and father close to her every day of her life.


McNicoll’s story addresses a slew of important issues – including racism, self-perception, intergenerational culture clashes, bullying, and selflessness – via an engaging, multilayered plot that will give readers much to ponder. It is also refreshing to see characters from diverse cultures presented realistically, something that is still sorely lacking from most children’s fiction. 

— Quill & Quire


The tone is fresh and feels present-day appropriate, challenging stereotypes, racism and how families integrate into Canadian culture.

— Globe and Mail

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