Taking direction from your dad on exactly how he wants you to climb.


Opening shot, preparing for the climb by doing up laces!

How many times do you need to climb these stairs to equal CN Tower climb? How many times to get the shot right?

Triumph! Made it to the top. Surely Allergic to Everything Girl can conquer her fear of public speaking too!










How do you create a book trailer?

I start with a short script that I run by my son Craig (EpiloguePoductions.com). For Blue to the Sky, I wanted to show my main character Ella training for her big CN Tower stair climb. Over the climbing shots, we would put a voiceover of her citing her goals: first climbing Chedoke steps and then CN Tower stairs, then reciting her allergy poem over the City of Toronto, then presenting in front of her class and conquering her public speaking fear.  I hired my granddaughter Violet to climb Chedoke stairs and to read the lines.

Best stair climber I know and she has such a unique voice.

I can’t wait for you to see the video.


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