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What the Dog Knows

Naomi’s dog Diesel returns from the afterlife with one mission. Naomi can hear his thoughts. Can he save her?

Cover of Body Swap

Body Swap

Winner of the 2019 Hamilton Literary Award for Fiction. A fatal collision — who’s to blame? Two bodies, two souls switch in search of justice.

The Best Mistake Mystery Series

Best Mistake Mystery, 2017; Artsy Mistake Mystery, 2017; Snake Mistake Mystery 2018.

Some people count their blessings, but dogwalker Stephen Nobel counts mistakes.

Best Friends Through Eternity


“There are only a couple of heartbeats of time in which you get to decide to do things and then you can regret what you don’t do for an eternity.”

Revenge on the Fly


“Kill the fly, Save the baby!” Hamilton Spectator 1912

Dog on Trial

HIP Books, 2013

“He won’t be any trouble,” Owen promises his dad.”If he is we have three days to return him.”

Dying to Go Viral

Fitzhenry Whiteside, 2013

Fourteen-year old Jade is dying for her brother’s best friend to notice her.

crush. candy. corpse.

James Lorimer & Company Ltd. Publishers, 2012

16 year-old Sunny Ehret stands trial for the manslaughter of a 75-year old Alzheimer’s patient.

Last Chance for Paris

Fitzhenry Whiteside, 2008

Zanna loves shopping, the theatre, art and lattes–she should get along perfectly with her mom who has scored a new gallery residency in Paris.

Beauty Series

Bringing up Beauty, 2003
A Different Kind of Beauty, 2003
Beauty Returns, 2006

Winner of the 1996 Silver Birch and the Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice award (Bringing up Beauty), a best loved classic about a black Lab puppy raised for a nobler cause: to guide a blind person. Read the stand alone sequels, A Different Kind of Beauty and Beauty Returns.

Grave Secrets

Fitzhenry Whiteside, 2003

Caught in a Lie

Scholastic Canada, 2000

Walking a Thin Line

Scholastic Canada, 1997

Facing The Enemy

ITP Nelson 1992 Grade 9.

More Than Money

ITP Nelson 1990, Grade 6.

The Tiger Catcher’s Kid

ITP Nelson, 1989, Grade 4

Project Disaster

Shooting Star First Chapter Book, Scholastic 1990, Grade 3

The Big Race

Shooting Star First Chapter Books, Scholastic 1996, Grade 2-3

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