Bringing Up Beauty

Winner of the 1996 Silver Birch and the Manitoba Young Reader’s Choice award, a best loved classic about a black Lab puppy raised for a nobler cause: to guide a blind person.

12 year old Elizabeth vows not to love Beauty because she’s one of her mother’s projects,   a temporary pet at best, but how can she help herself?  Even when the dog “hurries up” on a carpet, dives into an aquarium and scoffs down a box of doughnuts, she’s totally loveable. And nothing else seems to go right for Elizabeth this year anyway. She’s lost two best friends to their mutual romance and her sister has moved out.  Beauty becomes her best friend by default.

When Beauty grows into the well-behaved animal she needs to be for her heroic new role, Elizabeth need to grow up too, in order to give her up.

Internationally acclaimed,  a best seller in Norway, Sweden, Germany and Finland.

Read the stand alone sequels, A Different Kind of Beauty and Beauty Returns.



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