Grave Secrets

When Nicholas mows the lawn at his new house, he hits a rock and snaps the blade.  Or is it a rock?  With a graveyard in his backyard, he’s not sure and when he discovers  concrete stairs leading to nowhere, he’s also discovered his first clue to the darker history of his home.  The second clue will be provided by a reoccuring vision accompanied by a searing chlorine odour. 

In order to piece together a tragic history, Nicholas befriends two outcasts, Marian, the special needs neighbour girl and Mrs. Dobroski, the stick lady who tests the depth of graves with her cane, and with clues from the tombstones themselves, he tries to stop history from repeating itself.

Inspired by a real house in Cornwall, Ontario, Grave Secrets has become a favourite Canadian mystery thriller.  Nominated for the Red Cedar in 2001.





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