While I’m known for writing about Beauty the dog, in Arizona we went horseback riding ’cause I love horses. Mac, my steed, apparently has been on TV as bounty hunter Dog’s ride.

Well, Mac, I’m a bit of a celebrity myself as I’ve been on Sonja Dunn’s television show reading from Bringing Up Beauty.
For the trail ride I brought my shockproof, waterproof, dustproof camera (love it!) but sadly it is not idiot proof. I left the camera on after downloading so there was no battery left and hence no riding shots of me and my fellow cowboys.
My husband only took photos with his high-potential-for disaster camera before the ride when all the farmyard animals befriended me. As I was patting an Australian shepherd puppy, this pig came up and nuzzled me for attention. I felt like a barnyard Cinderella when the chicken came up from behind to check me out.

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