The recuperation continues.  Nobody cares any more and I’m bored myself with this injury.
The list of things you can’t do with a cast is a work in progress.  You discover it as you go along.

You can’t open many packages with one hand.  Worst of all, you can’t open your vial of Tylenol 2 with a cast on.  It’s a child proof bottle.  I have to get my 7 year old grandson with no broken arm to open it for me.

You can’t slice, dice, or chop.  It’s hard to pour from a heavy tea pot.
Washing anything by hand is nigh impossible.  One hand gets vair vair tired shampooing your hair. Putting toothpaste on your toothbrush is unbelievably tricky.
It’s a skillful dog owner who can leash their jackapoo with one hand.  Sometimes I’m skillful, sometimes I’m not.  Scooping is awkward.
Writing hurts.  No way around it.  If I type with only my right hand, strange typos occur and my right arm ends us aching as much as my left.  If I type with both, the cast scrapes across the computer and weighs heavily on the broken part of my arm.
Driving I’m not attempting yet but Dear God, I can’t not drive for six to eight weeks.
Reading–I’m sticking to quality trade paper backs.  Lighter than hard cover.  I just read Eric Walter’s Safe Houses.  Pretty darn exciting.  I like the characters and the way they just keep solving the most impossible problems.  Thank goodness for books. And all kinds of different books at that. 

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