Lately, I’ve been feeling quite mellow and it has to do with the novel I’m working on.

Death on Youtube is about a girl who dies and has the clock turned back so that she can re experience her last 14 days, only with a difference.
Through her eyes, I see, hear, smell and feel things with a new intensity. Everything she experiences could be her last time. So she notices the pigeons nesting in the corner of the underpass for example. She watches the sunset and looks for shooting stars. (It’s late August)
In honour of my character, 14 year old Jade, I’m posting my list of things I like to do:
Chat on the phone with a friend.
Walk my dog early in the morning.
Watch Youtubes of other people’s pets doing crazy things or just being cute.
Look at the water (Lake Ontario from my deck) in the distance.
Drive along Lakeshore and see expanses of the water close up.
See boats and lighthouses.
Drink coffee and read the newspaper in the morning.
Read a book, anytime, anyplace.
Boil up something with brown sugar in it. I like to smell it and watch the bubbles break.
These are some of the more solitary experiences. I’ll add to this list as the more social things come up, like visiting with my grandchildren.

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