It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Sciatica–a word I’d heard mentioned along with pain and back–suddenly became the only topic on my mind. Started just before the Canadian Writers’ Summit when I had to walk all over Harbourfront. It felt like my hipbone was poking out through my skin. Somehow that pain sent a numbing tingling down my leg.

I love walking, especially with my Jackapoo Mortie, so I hated life. But I heard swimming was good for your back so even while at the writer’s conference I swam in the morning and at night in the hotel pool. When I returned home, I bought a swim pass and swam at public pools every day with my grandchildren or not. At my friend Lynda’s pool whether she was home or not.

On a walk at Kernscliff Park, I discovered that strolling on softer grounds was easier on my hips and there were tons of turtles at the end of the boardwalk in the wetlands there. I love swimming, and I love turtles.


turtle photoSo I walked there every morning and swam every afternoon. And yes I wrote. And read. I ate more chocolate and drank more wine.

Then I saw my new motto somewhere on the Internet: Do More of What You Love.

Nine long weeks later my Sciatica pain left but some extra weight and my motto remains. Will keep swimming in my life and run with my Jackapoo! Somehow we all need to fit doing more of what we love in our life.

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