My MacBook had a jaunty red cover that inspired many “cool” comments from students
A friend asked me how you could tell if your computer was “going” on you.  In the past it’s been, after you’ve spilled the coffee, coke or cleaner into the keyboard and/or when the computer just won’t start any more.  This time it was a way more difficult task.  I loved my Macbook, I wrote at least ten books on it and edited and created hundreds of magazine articles, not to mention power points and speeches. I felt it had grown to be a part of my body.
You buy a computer and everyone tells you for writing you won’t need much.  
But then you start loading on photographs, creating slide shows and movies and suddenly you need a lot more.   My MacBook began spinning coloured wheels a lot, chugging slower and slower. There were a few dread moments in front of grade 7s and 8s when I needed to reboot and the wheel just kept spinning. That would have been last year.

 I decided to replace it
Then my youngest announced plans for a destination wedding and spending the money on airline tickets became the best investment I’ve ever made. Armed with an external hard drive as extra storage, I would shoot for one more year with spinning coloured wheels. More frequently there were files I couldn’t open and my operating system couldn’t handle the new ACE storage opportunity which I was dying to try.  Of course a new updated system required more space on my computer.  Space it couldn’t give me.

 A few weeks ago the little red engine that could proclaimed itself totally full, no room to save or operate anymore and I desperately unloaded every image I could to get it running.  Of course this means my book trailer is missing from my power point and lots of other inconveniences yet to be discovered.

I  decided to replace the computer again.  
A writer does nothing if not research.  The delicious agony of visiting the Apple Store, lifting computers and asking questions.  Because I had enjoyed a trouble free five years with my red machine, I was going Mac again rather than PC.  I searched Twitter and dragged my feet waiting for more updates.  Finally I thought I decided on a Powerbook, looking forward to a backlit keyboard as my only real change. (I love to write in the car at night when my husband drives.  Or in airplanes.  But when it’s dark, you have to tilt your screen forward to light up the keyboard.) Then my son in law sent me articles on MacBook Air.   Another visit to the Apple Store.
Finally I bought the 13″ MacBook Air (as in lighter than air)complete with one to one service.
Thanks Mom.
This means I go to computer classes whenever I want.  Yesterday  I learned about Mission Control and how to add another desktop.  Today I learn about iMovies.
I say goodbye to my red machine as my husband empties, cleans and creates a Montreal Canadien’s screensaver for it. We’ve exchanged a red cover for a black.  Today  I turn it over to my hockey loving grandson Hunter for his 11th birthday.  May it chug on to create a million more projects.

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