Why film a trailer for a series of books that has already been out for awhile? Does a book have any value once it’s off the boxstore bookshelf?

Certainly in the past, kids’ books had a shelf life of over ten years. Of course most bookstores don’t have enough shelves. But now everyone can order online. Why did I want a trailer?
Because it’s fun for me to put some creative energy into a project this way and I like working with my kids.
Here’s my son filming random shots of dogs who resemble Beauty 1, the black Lab, Beauty 2, the Chocolate Lab (he will actually be played by Buster, Beauty’s real brother) and Magic, played by Grand Torino. When I asked his owner for permission to film him, she told me she had read Bringing

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Up Beauty in grade 6 and in grade 7 had started fostering guide dogs with her family as a result. When I wrote that Buster was Beauty’s real brother, you probably thought “hey Beauty is a fictional dog.” However, his foster owner is also a fan of the Beauty series and she’s raised several dogs for Canine Vision Canada. The last dog was born into a B litter, meaning the pups all get names starting with B. For the first time she was able to have her own Beauty she told me.

And Beauty sent me a Christmas card. Does a book have any value once it’s off the boxstore bookshelves? Of course it does.

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