It’s always fun when the McNicolls + Filipowiczs get creative together. Here we all return to Lowville Park to film the trailer of Last Chance for Paris. While my husband Bob and I have travelled over eight times to Alberta to research the series, the cover photo for the novel was shot at Lowville by Bob due to time and budgetary issues. The model with , what a cooincidence, the same tatoo as my main character Zanna, daughter Robin posed wading into the stream. In the book she falls in the icy rapids and tumbles down the stream. Here we try to re-enact the cover moment. Craig McNicoll, videographer and video editor supreme for Emotion Pictures, donated his time and skills to the event.

Robin looks like she’s way too happy being buffeted by the currents in the shot. Afterwards the crew discusses whether the splash sounded loud enough or whether we should make Robin fall again and again.

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