1) First you enlist a handsome helper to unwrap and break up  four Mars Bars per batch into a pot.  Sampling the Mars Bars is a must.

2) Add 1/4 cup butter and melt the two together.  Beautiful!







3)  Stir in three cups Rice Krispies.  These are the festive red and green version offered at Christmas usually but of course on special now.TIMG_3301

IMG_33024) Spread in square or rectangle pan.  Note that this is a double batch.  Why waste your time only making one?

5) Melt chips under the broiler till they glow and sweat, ( less than a minute) . Caution! Do not check email or Facebook or start revising a chapter at this point!  Charred chocolate means ruined squares.  I speak from experience and a longstanding habit of being easily distracted.

6)  Allow to cool in fridge.  Cut into squares.

Or just come to my book launch at a Different Drummer Books, 2 pm, Sunday June 9, 2013.  Dying to Go Viral (Fitzhenry Whiteside) will be launched along with my daughter JM Filipowicz’s new science fiction Wardroids (Double Dragon).  I’m hoping to succeed at making brown sugar fudge (on the bucket list of my main character Jade) and for fun, if the bacon is on special, I will serve chocolate covered bacon.  Something new and different in literature and for your taste buds.



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