IMG_2637The point is not the crustless sandwiches or the scones or homemade shortbread, chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes  The point is not the creme brulée tea, or the Copa Cabana green tea or any of the other varieties. IMG_2717


The point is the poetry.

Listening to Hamilton Youth Poets perform accompanied by the Junior Hamilton Philharmonic string quartet was amazing!

The young writers spoke out about relationships:Mother/daughter, marriage, girlfriend/boyfriend, even laptops. And racism. The poetry was biting at times, poignant and funny at others (Alzheimer’s of the heart is just one image I remember, but there were brilliant motherboard heart/hard drive metaphors too)

The violins and cellos added a beautiful icing to a sweet evening of delicious words.

Knock em dead in Saskatoon!


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