Thinking over my Vancouver, BC vacation—my highlights have to be: staying with Norma Charles, fellow kids’ writer, and Brian Woods, her partner in life and kayak, we always had great chats; going to see a play called “Unhinged” on Granville Island. It was a very funny story about a bunch of women and how they raised their teens. Going to the hotsprings at Harrison. No one can be stressed in a huge pool of very warm water. Rollerblading in Stanley Park. I rested a lot while my husband Bob took amazing photographs. The park has so many interesting sights from totem poles to cruise liners, aquariums to horsedrawn wagons. I hope to post at least one later. And then coming home to family complete with two great grandsons, one six, (Hunter with two almost in adult teeth), the other four months, (William with two almost in baby teeth) and my cute well-trained Jackapoo puppy, Mortie. Of course it was nice seeing Jen, Robin, Craig and Adam too.

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