Reviewers used to be paid to write erudite thoughts about books. Now we rely on you, the reader. Much as Shoppers Drug wants to know how they did selling you toothpase–we want to know how much you loved our work. You don’t have to summarize plot; just say what you liked about the story and rate it with stars. Here’s a guide to what the stars mean to us.

1 Star–You’re a mean-spirited 1 cent tipper who is scoring revenge on the publisher who never took your book.Or ¬†you got a free net galley read and it’s totally not for you.

2 Stars–Does any one ever give two stars? I don’t think so.

3 Stars–Meh, the book was readable but you didn’t love it. Or you loved it but you’re a hard marker. Nothing gets more than 3 stars.

4 Stars–Most often means the book is brilliant. Nothing is perfect so you can’t deign yourself to give a full 5 stars. Go watch the Barbie movie, imperfection is beautiful.

5 Stars-You are the publisher, or a best friend. Or wow, a true lover of this read.  Thanks Marsha!

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