Heather Camlot, Amanda West Lewis, Sylvia McNicoll(me), Mitali Ruths and Katherine Battersby at Babar Books Kickoff for Canadian Children’s Book Centre.


You can write the best story ever but if a book lands on a bookshelf and no one notices, it doesn’t get read. Canadian kids’ books compete with those from the behemouth to the south, complete with Hollywood platforms, full colour illustrations¬† and sparkling covers. One of our publicity paths is visiting schools. We talk about writing process in conjunction with our creations and intrigue the students, not only with reading our books, but possibly writing their own stories. And there’s a side product. We are Canadian success stories and if we can do it, so can they. Not only with writing but all the other dreams they have. Thanks to the Canadian Children’s Book Centre I visited Quebec City classrooms, a German International school, many Montreal classrooms as well as (Mohawk) Akwesasne School, a dream of mine.¬† I know my friend-a-leagues and I had fun and were inspired by the kids too!


Teaching grade 5 at Alexander Von Humboldt how to mind read with dogs.

Yes, kids still want to read books especially after they’ve met the author. Book Week clearly proved this to me.

You can write the best book

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