By Sylvia McNicoll

Last Chance for Paris

Coming Soon in 2018

Zanna loves shopping, the theatre, art and lattes–she should get along perfectly with her mom who has scored a new gallery residency in Paris. Instead Zanna’s goth boyfriend and new tattoo cause Mom to banish her to the Columbia Icefields in Alberta. It’s the strawberry that breaks the camel’s back. Zanna must live with her twin brother Martin and glaciologist Dad, meat eaters who don’t need indoor plumbing let alone the Internet. They discover a wolf puppy underneath the cabin and Zanna becomes entranced by the wild beauty of the Rockies.

But it’s the dangers of nature, she needs to learn to navigate.

Fortunately Zanna’s not alone. When her twin goes missing, grizzlies and storms can’t stop her.Together with her dog, and a handsome arrogant young ranger, Zanna will find Martin.

Wilderness survival, romance and animal story all told in snappy first person narrative.

Winner of the 2008 Hamilton Arts Award for Best YA

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