The other day I received a book in the mail. I’m writing a profile on the author for Canadian Children’s Book News and this was the quickest best way to get hold of her novel. Mailing involves wrapping and costs so I tried to spare Gillian O’Reilly the ordeal by mentioning our next get together. It didn’t work out.
Sneak preview of the author being profiled in the fall Canadian Children’s Book News

When I received the package in the mail, a) I was delighted with receiving something that wasn’t a bill directed to me, b) I loved opening a parcel with a book. It reminded me of the time I sent my nephew a couple of books special delivery. It’s not that books thrill him but I heard from his mom how much the special delivery parcel surprised and thrilled him.
This morning I packaged up 12 Tiger Catcher’s Kids for a school near Ottawa. I recycled a German

Book Club box used to send me my copies of Jades Zweites Leben. I nearly duct taped myself to the box and now I’ll have to make the trip to the postoffice which doesn’t allow dogs so what’s the point in walking there.

12 Tiger Catcher’s Kids almost fit neatly inside

Still. I’m suggesting you all take the time to mail a book to a special person in your life, could be for Mother’s Day or just because. For children especially getting snail mail is becoming rarer, and a parcel with a special book could be the very thing that launches them on a love affair.

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