It takes a lot to pry me from my office but once a year a few kids’ writers meet for potluck at Marilyn Helmer’s in Bellwood.  It’s a drive with lots of horses gambolling in fields next to the road– my favourite kind.  These writers are foodies so there was a carrot souffle with smoked salmon,  cranberries meatballs, wild leek casserole, grilled vegetable confetti salad , coleslaw with walnuts and broccoli and locally made brownies and butter tarts.  But it’s the conversation that’s really the best.   Should we blog,twitter facebook create movie trailers for our books.  Or can we just get away with writing the best story we can?  Or should we just take a big long break…and eat?  One of our conclusions is that some of our publicity efforts are largely to satisfy the publishers who need to see we are publicly making an effort.  For this year, we’ve solved the problems of the world–and had some pretty fine food too.

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