Friday, February 1, 2013,  CANSCAIP authors and illustrators celebrated their new creations with their favourite people, librarians.  Who likes books better?  As usual I cruised the aisles as did fellow volunteers Lena Coakley (author of Witchlanders) and Allison Bourda, Mabels’ Fabels bookseller extraordinaire, delivering handouts and the word about this Gong Show for writers and illustrators.  They have four minutes to deliver the essence of a creation that took them years to write and perhaps illustrate.

How do we lure our librarian friends?  “Free books!  Anyone interested in FREE BOOKS!”  

How do the authors deliver this essence?  Werner Zimmerman talked about inspirational cows.  Erin Thomas enlisted me to co act out her Haze script. (Let’s just say I’m going to stick to writing) Gail Sidonie Sobat sang to highlight points in her Not With a Bang,  Mireille Messier created elephant heads out of mandarin oranges to talk about our first French language launch  for Fatima et les voleurs de clémentines.  Most of us talked about where our ideas came from and read snippets.

Then we raffled off FREE BOOKS and a cow and pig display from Werner Zimmerman’s new and old Farmer Joe Scholastic reading series.   Energy, enthusiasm, fun! Thank you CANSCAIP launchers and OLA, especially Liz Kerr!DSC00603

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