All of these students’ parents gave permission for photos so witness protection programs weren’t ruined or anything. You have to love panoramic shots because once the students noticed what I was doing they would try to sneak across to be in all of the shots. Didn’t work. To my disappointment as well

Last week I had a great time with grade 5, 5/6 and 4/5 at Paul A Fisher School. Look at all my young writers hard at work, nose to the pencil. I love the sound of students writing.
The challenge this week was we divided the day in three to match the wonderful nutritional breaks. Stopping to eat twice a day, sheer brilliance I think. This made switching classes easier than what I normally do which is teach only two classes and leave mid third period to divide the time equally.
But there wasn’t a lot of time for my fun little exercises such as team menu writing for the apples I hand out. Or a lesson on putting the quotation marks in and changing paragraphs (not so much fun). Or even finishing a draft of a story.
Hmm, I guess I’ll have to rework my AIE lesson plans to allow for less time.
I only hope if I offer this three class day, the teachers don’t insist I fit two classes in each time segment.

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