This is one of my favourite spots to read, on my back deck overlooking an overgrown garden, Brant Hills and in the distance a sliver of blue, Lake Ontario.  I met  the Calgary author, Cathy Ostlere, at The Writers’ Union AGM and also while writing an article on book trailers.

You don’t have to read Karma (Puffin Canada) in a sari but I was attending an East Indian/Asian themed wedding shower and was dressed this way for the event.  The 500 or so pages are in verse and follow Mata as she travels to India with her (Sikh) dad to bury her (Hindu) mom’s ashes at the time when Indira Gandhi is assassinated.

There’s a passionate yet innocent love story and in fact Mata’s sari gets unravelled at least twice.
My friend who showed me how to wrap mine promised me that this NEVER happens.
While at the shower, however, I suddenly found myself unravelling. I had to do some quick tucking.

This summer find yourself a beautiful spot and read a wonderful book like Karma.  Send me a photo and an email and I’ll post it on my blog.

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