My birthday present finally came–my most expensive phone to date. A phone that I will use for taking photos and movies, porting presentations, keeping notes, storing addresses and dates, reading and listening to books, texting, Skyping, googling and much, much more–rarely, rarely actually making or receiving a telephone call on it.

Change is good.  An efficiency expert once told me, and I believe her, that any small change in her office such as dimming the lights increases productivity.  Months later raising the lights will do the same.  I’m hoping my new device will actually help with my Internet addiction.  I will separate my writing instrument from my diversion device. At the very least I can catch up on email during grocery line-up time, or read a book in a dark theatre instead of watching the commercials.

Enter a©eCreator.ca

November 12 is the day after Remembrance Day but it’s also Look Forward Day at the CANSCAIP meeting (7:30 p.m. 40 Orchardview, 2nd floor, Northern District Library)

Garner Pridmore, a Digital Services Specialist from Access Copyright, will talk about a©eCreator.ca–a free cloud storage and organization service for “affiliates” or published authors/illustrators/photographers and designers who are signed on to Access Copyright.

I was one of his first guinea pigs.  Not because I am excessively technological but rather the opposite. I am that author who wants to dip their toe into new medias and opportunities but hangs back, even gets overwhelmed by the ever pulsing new, new, new.

What I enjoy about a©eCreator.ca  is that there is unlimited free storage and I can organize and keep track of what I’ve done with my work on it. So,for example, I can keep my beginning chapters through to my contracts and cover drafts all in the same file. I can also send drafts out to agents and/or publishers or invitations to download drafts and see when I’ve sent different versions and if they’ve read them.

Why I really signed on to be the test rodent is because I hope to help a©eCreator.ca achieve extreme simplicity. Also to be ready for when we will need to upload our work to that Access Copyright pipeline in the sky supplying educational institutes with quality Canadian content to browse and enjoy.

I wanted to become fluent with tags and metadata. I want to be more organized with my work.

The light is turned up this month in my office.

Now let’s hope I don’t let my phone go through the wash and spin cycle.

Here’s to increased productivity.

PS Can’t make the meeting and want to know more?  Visit http://www.accesscopyright.ca/creators/ace-creator/

Hot off the Press!  Two webinars will be offered to train you in a©eCreator

January 13, 10 a.m. EST

January 15, 3 p.m. EST




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