Thank you Burlington Public Library for tacking up my launch poster on your community bulletin board. Thank you to all my friends and colleagues and City of Burlington and MPs and Tundra for tweeting and retweeting:IMG_1352 T  IMG_1363

Tommorow 2pm Sylvia McNicoll’s launch&signing Best Friends Through Eternity @heyburlingon!

Thank you to the snow for stopping!

For those of you who have wondered, I am grateful to be having my 33rd book published. I love my job, love meeting young readers. Love the kids and adults I teach at night and the other writers I meet through the articles I write (all to cobble together an income)

But I am still scared about my new baby’s advent into the world.  I do realize fear is just the other side of excitement. If I were bored, I would be way calmer.

The antidote for all this: back to writing.

 See you tomorrow at A Different Drummer Books at 2 pm! (Maybe only in spirit)


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