This endcap is located at my nearest Indigo at 1250 Brant Street, right next to the new Marshalls.  I’m signing there this Thursday, November 8 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  Chris Chehowski, the enthusiastic new manager there, invited me on this his Plum Rewards night.   People enrolled in their free Plum Rewards program will get scratch and save cards, the first 25 will get a free prize.  There will a singer, refreshments.  It’s a general customer appreciation night.  Check out the details here:

I’m looking forward to meeting new readers and maybe getting some shopping done myself. As per my custom, I will be offering my up own renowned Mars Bars Squares and cheerfully answering questions from eager writers or readers. And of course signing!  Not just my latest Red Maple Nominee, crush. candy. corpse but also Grave Secrets and Last Chance for Paris.

We’re still pondering about signings being a good use of authors’ time. So far so good.

Late breaking news:  November 27th and the endcap is still up. This morning I received an email from a Burlington reader Amy who says she picked up crush. candy.corpse from the end cap, read the back blurb and ended up buying it.  She said she isn’t a big reader but she loved the story, and cheered for Sunny at the end.  She also picked up another of my books and intends to read more of my titles.

Signings seem to be the only way to connect with a non school market.  




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