So another tempting bottle of wine arrived courtesy of my long time friends Cheryl and Lloyd Lunan.  Note the cute label. This is Lloyd’s own brand.  My bottle of tylenold 3 is coming to an end so I’m almost ready to enjoy a glass.

Today I’m typing with two hands. I hope the cast doesn’t 
scrape at the computer too much.  The actual keyboarding is not the issue.  It’s the weight of the cast dragging down on the sore parts of the arm.
To entertain me through this week, I read Anne of Green Gables.  It’s her hundredth birthday in November and Elizabeth McLeod is coming to speak at our CANSCAIP meeting on Lucy Maud’s life.  Gillean O’Reilly, my programming partner, challenged me to read it again as an adult.
Anne sure is a wonderful character but it’s hard to believe her inventor suffered from depression.  I loved the part where Anne breaks her ankle as a result of a dare and talks about how mad she is at herself.  Spoke right to my heart.
If I had money, I would sue myself for being so stupid as to not wear wrist guards rollerblading.
Note to publishers:  You shouldn’t make books so heavy, it’s hard on healthy wrists never mind broken ones

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