This isn’t Hollywood.  We have no production budget.  I created a great script but became too busy to audition actors who would have to fill the roles with no reimbursement.   A publisher I worked with once told me she wanted a Q & A with an author.

Meh.  That sounds dangerously close to a free author visit.

I decided I would read the opening instead.

People have asked me how I made this trailer.  First I drove my son to Confederation College for film studies in Thunderbay some 12 years ago.  Really I owe it all to Craig McNicoll who works for Emotion Pictures in Burlington (  They’re a wonderful small firm that creates great corporate videos at a price no one can beat. If you’re a corporation, not an author. If you’re an author, you probably can’t afford them.

My son doesn’t charge me more than dinner but if I get the GG, or some good grant money, Hon, there’s a new dishwasher in it for you.

Perhaps some of you remember Craig from when he filmed our first mass book launch at Mississauga Public Library.  He worked for days on that one and used to come up from his office quoting some of you. He can still call up a quote when I mention any author who participated.  He especially enjoyed author Claire Mackay emceeing (and then totally edited her out due to space and time constraints)  

First Craig brings a huge expensive high definition camera and films me reading a few times.  We discuss images and collect some from stock art:  the eagle, the solo crow.  Some my husband photographed, the Scrabble tiles, the plastic crows in a line, I shot the clock.  The sound and ominous music Craig inserted from stock.

First draft of the video (yeah, even in video editing we have “re-writes”) went on past a couple of minutes.  Way too long with not enough images.  So last night he brought his immense screen over and together we adjusted images and cut a huge chunk out.  Craig did this, I just ooohed and awed. And held my three month old grandson.  It’s always a pleasure working with my kids and witnessing their talent and skill. And holding their babies.

So thank you Craig.

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