This all started because I wanted to watch the first ever Saskatchewan CANSCAIP mass book launch but I couldn’t get a grant for any readings before April 1– so Regina Public Library kindly agreed to host a couple of readings on April Fool’s day only I would being SK for days between the conference and their visit. So I emailed and called schools and somehow I got a Calgary reading. If there’s anything I like better than the prairies it’s the mountains. Only I love both and the

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combination in one day is breathtaking.

So today we flew to Saskatoon–see cloud shot. Then we drove to Calgary. I love the prairie in between. The brush under a certain light is now purple, the wheat can be frosted or bright gold depending on the temperature and sunlight. The buildings look so lonely.

As we drove closer to Calgary we hit the worst winter road conditions ever. The wind blew huge drifts of snow across the highway so it felt like I was steering through a field–yup my turn to drive. Plus the drifts would stop with the advent of a farm house or strand of trees–the street would be bare pavement. Where the trees ended you could see ghosts of white streak across in some places piling pretty high.

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