Early Saturday morning I was heading to an Access Copyright meeting in the Star Building at the foot of Yonge. At the south end of Lower Jarvis I happened on a location I’d heard about and always wanted to see: Sugar Beach.  And I had the perfect book to read, Karen Krossing’s The Yo-Yo Prophet (Orca Book Publishers)  Her main character Calvin actually performs and predicts from the harbourfront not far from here. I show two photos of the location only because it’s such an oddity.  You can’t swim from this beach and while it’s inviting, the setting is quite industrial with that rusty ship docked nearby.  It took all my will power to keep walking and head for One Yonge Street.  Not only could I not stop to enjoy the book at this beach but on the Go Train in I re-read the black binder full of notes for the meeting.  I only hope my sacrifices give writers like Karen MORE MONEY.    
Meetings done, I made the time to read The Yo-Yo Prophet from a more mundane setting, my dining room.I love the characters,  Rozelle especially.  She’s such a feisty big-busted girl full of spunk and innovation.  I wish Karen would write a story all about her.  I like the premise and I’m always intrigued by yo-yoing.  Can’t get one to return unless I buy a cheater automatic return.  I think I now need a trick book so I can read it again and try to perform the things Calvin did. I like the unpredictability of the story.  Calvin has problems that don’t solve themselves sitcom-like.  He acts on them and manages to shift the balance in his favour but in the end…well you’ll have to read it yourself.  And by the way, this is not a book Just for Kids.  You don’t have to wrack your brains for whom on your shopping list you should get a copy.  Buy it for yourself and enjoy.  There’s no reason young adults should always have all the fun.

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