Whenever kids ask me why I write, I’m a little gobsmacked.

I actually wonder why everyone wouldn’t  want to write.  I find I’m always explaining the world to myself–it’s very therapeutic.
But what about the travel perks?  The other editor with my magazine, Alison Wood, became too busy to do a feature on travel to Ottawa so, with some arranging with Ottawatourism.ca we had a press adventure pass and a free hotel for a couple of nights.
Of course when I travel for Today’s Parent Toronto I need to bring a young person and Hunter’s always up for the job.  He’s a great traveller and enjoys museums, weird food and pools at any hotel.  
He also likes to pose for weird photos.  These won’t be in the magazine: Hunter posing over the Eternal Flame so that it looks like he’s on fire, Hunter’s head poking up in a Polar bear diorama at the Museum of Natural History.
So we had a great mini holiday.  I won’t say we made a million but memories are worth a lot too.

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