Today I met a great group of students and teachers at Cyril Varne Public School.  I always have fun presenting but it’s nice when it seems the students are excited too.  It’s wonderful to talk about a book set right in Sudbury (Slam Dunk Robot) to kids who live in Sudbury and have visited Science North.  The teachers also prepared a fabulous pot luck.  Apparently one box of Ritz crackers, with one can of condensed milk and a bag of square Skor bits baked up in a long pan for who knows how long transform in to the most delicious square ever.  And I’ve eaten at many a potluck and shower before.

I forgot to take out my camera and have a photo taken with the kids.  But I rushed over to Science North immediately where I was asked if I’d like to hold something.  I got to pat Rosie.  See the photo.

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