Two or three days after my daughter’s due date and William still hasn’t arrived. (Yes we know his sex and name already) All the anticipation! Our phone warbles twice for long distance and for some reason, Jennifer’s calls. Don’t we hate telephone marketers or wrong numbers especially if they warble twice!

I can’t wait to meet William!

And yet I do.

I finished editing or totally re-writing an Alternative Pets article complete with fascinating information on exotic animals. I had to design a matching quiz which was a lot of fun. It will nice to see the “Pour” that’s magazine and book talk for the actual design of the page, complete with text and tons of photos of the animals.

Now I’m rewriting Last Chance for Paris—which is pleasant enough. No major work, just adding some more glacier/climatology detail all of which is stuffed in my head anyway.

So go ahead William, take your time. Babies and children should never be rushed.

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