It was an evening of dimmed lights, fine literature and Nanimo Bars. My favourite young writers Brandon, Kieran, Alexandra, Karishma, Holly, Ally,

Darius, Kylie, Ben and Isabella read the stories they had created over my term as writer-in -residence at Hillfield Strathallan College. Horror, thriller, spy, fantasy, adventure, speculative fiction, not one of them was alike. I emceed with a few toes in my mouth mispronouncing and mixing up names. I hate that because I feel like they shared their souls with me. But unfortunately their souls registered as stories without the names and faces attached. I’ve worked electronically with students many times over the years but that’s always been a problem. Next online project I’ll see if technology can remedy that.

photos attached to the projects. Or Skype a bit in between.

Still it was a wonderful evening of celebration. I couldn’t take pictures as the writers presented, I think that would have made them nervous, so I post the before-cafe-mingle shot and the photo of the flowers and book darts presented to me afterwards. I’m a big killer of plants and loser of bookmarks. For the shot I taped one daisy neck to help it hold up its head. The book darts are intriguing as I can use them to mark reading spots without having them fall out. But it was the wonderful readings that I will remember and the one on ones I had with the talented students.Thank you Mrs. Niebart and Hillfield Teen Fiction writers. Keep reading and writing.

ps Sorry that Gabby Lamay couldn’t read her brilliant and funny story “Brief Rescue.” A plane crash and lucky underwear, you try to figure out how they go together.

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