IMG_1090People came! Always a speaker’s first concern but when you initiate and help organize a writing panel, you can lose sleep over it.

Frankly, I panicked when both our local book store A Different Drummer Books and our community paper The Burlington Post thought the event was only for those who submitted blue pencil copy.

Thanks to Joyce Grant for her tweeting efforts. To Royal Botanic Gardens (Burlington) for retweeting. To our panel Jennifer Maruno, Jennifer Mook-sang, Lana Button and Rebecca Bender for Facebooking and tweeting.

To Burlington Public Library for enduring my panicky emails.

To Oriana Marsh, a genuine fan and brilliant writer, for coming and making me remember why I write and why I do public appearances at all. ¬†And why we set books locally. “You can’t believe how huge it is when you’re a kid and read a story set in your own town.” I am paraphrasing.

Back to writing now.1797592_10203070272752194_1182336265342625668_n

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