By Sylvia McNicoll

Dying to Go Viral

Fitzhenry Whiteside, 2013

Fourteen-year old Jade is dying for her brother’s best friend to notice her so when Aiden asks her to skateboard for his video, she agrees.  All his videos go viral too. When he asks her to remove her helmet to show off her great hair, she’s flattered.  When he wants her to hold on to his Mustang and skate around the block, she’s exhilarated.   Until the accident when she really dies.  Then she’s filled with regrets.

Jade would give anything to go back in time and undo the damage she’s done.  Her mom, who died when Jade was eight, negotiates one extra chance, but it’s only for a week. No telling anyone, no altering the greater destiny.  Can Jade make this all better for her brother and her dad?  Can she get her dad a date?  Her brother a career?  Can she squeeze any extra life for herself?  Maybe just one perfect kiss?  Just maybe.  Then she can spend her eternity remembering a special love.

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