Cover image of what the dog knows

By Sylvia McNicoll

What the Dog Knows

Naomi’s dog Diesel returns from the afterlife with one mission. Naomi can hear his thoughts. Can he save her?

It’s Naomi’s worst summer ever. Her dog, Diesel, died. Dad lost his job. Mom and Dad split up. The family is broke, and Naomi is stuck babysitting when she planned to take swimming lessons.

Then her sometime-friend Morgan convinces her to jump off a dock. On July 1, at precisely 4:30, when Naomi drowns, destiny shifts.

Naomi awakes a week earlier to Diesel talking to her. Through his canine counsel, he wants to show her how to fix things. “I can save you,” he barks. But no matter how often Naomi resets her watch, the time and date keep flipping back to July 1, 4:30 which makes her wonder: is her time running out?

Can one dog change fate?


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