It takes a lot to pry writers from their offices but once a year I make the trek to Marilyn Helmer’s in Bellwood for a potluck lunch. The drive involves a winding country road with lots of horses gamboling on the side in the fields. The food is delicious as this gang (Marilyn, myself, Deb Loughead, Liane Goodall, and Gisela Sherman are all great cooks.  We enjoyed cranberry meatballs, grilled vegetable orzo salad, smoked salmon carrot souflee, wild leek and potato casserole and a coleslaw with brocolli and walnuts that defies the very label.  Plus we had great conversation, discussing the dilemma of how much of our time should be spent blogging, twittering, face booking and creating book trailers when we’d rather be writing…or eating for that matter.  We decided that some minimal public effort needed to be made for the publisher’s viewing but after that it was whatever we enjoyed because who knows if anything really works.  Writing the best book we know how is what we’re really in it for.  Problems solved for another year we drove home.

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