Sarah Kim from Cleveland Elementary Public School in North Vancouver, B.C.
A while back ago, in desperation I drew my own courtroom sketch for my power point presentation on my new book.  My local librarian, Laura Williams, suggested taking an art class.  Does this answer the commonly asked author  question do you own illustrate your own books?  So for the last three author presentations of crush. candy. corpse I created a contest.  Draw a better courtroom scene than the author’s rendition.  The winner gets…fame, fortune, all my appreciation and…drum roll…an autographed copy of crush.candy.corpse.   Why did I choose this drawing over all the others?  I love the eyes, there’s a Japanese anime look about them.  The characters’ expressions add a touch of humour.  Yes, yes, this drawing just made me smile.  Thank you Sarah!  The book will go out in the mail tomorrow.

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