The biggest win wasn’t the cheque, although thank you very much to Reliable Life Insurance for sponsoring my groceries for a week. (We eat a lot too and there may be crabs’ legs this week) The amazing gift was that Ron Ulrich, Managing Artistic Director of Theatre Aquarius, read chapter six from Last Chance from Paris. Imagine listening to seven minutes of a readingof your own work as you’re standing in front of an audience. He originally trained as an actor with the National Theatre School of Canada and

his rendition was nothing short of spectacular. You could feel the level of respect for children’s literature and my book rising as he continued. It’s difficult for writers to appreciate their own work when they’ve written and rewritten a piece and they’ve received all the reviews or (sometimes not received enough reviews) and gone through “recessionary” royalty statements. But his reading made me appreciate my own talent. It also made me think that literature needs to make use of every platform, whether electronic or auditory, to keep up the passion for the original medium: pages.

I enjoyed listing to all the readings but especially a surprise performance by Burlington Slam Poetry Apparently they host poetry readings every third Thursday of the month at Philthy McNasty’s, cover charge of $5 goes to the winning poet. I will definitely make a point of going.
The end of the evening featured a reading of the winning adult fiction, Trevor Cole’s Practical Jean, another book I must acquire. Life is never better than when you have a stack of books at your bedside ready for your enjoyment. Thank you Hamilton Arts Council and Ron Ulrich!

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