Mortie, the Jackapoo, did beautifully at puppie kindergarten. Last class Merve the trainer challenged me with the task of getting him to lie down on command and by that afternoon Mortie could do it. He just loves his treats, he’ll bring out his whole repetoire of tricks to get them. Mortie will look, sit, wave his paw madly, lie down roll over–anything till he figures out what I want to part with some goodies.

But on command, in front of the whole class, I got Mortie to lie down on command. We got applause. Merve sat down and told me to teach the class. As if.

Then Mortie fell in love with the lovely black-furred brown-eyed shitz poo Maggie right beside us. He would no longer listen to anybody. Merve wanted to demonstrate “Stay” with Mortie but gave up. In

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fact he finally made Maggie sit at the other end of the room. Poor Mortie’s heart was broken.

Then we needed to go to a pool party to say goodbye to writer/friend Rachael Preston. Mortie went into the crate, what a day for him. Broken hearted and no family to comfort him.

We left the party early to comfort him.

Now we have to work on the commands Stay and Fetch. Eat would be way easier. Bite me, that would be good too.

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